Spiritual Care


The Department of Spiritual Care at Cottage provides spiritual and religious support to patients and their families. This spiritual support is a vital part of our commitment to total patient care. Members of our Spiritual Care team include professional chaplains, chaplain assistants from various faith traditions, on-call clergy, and Roman Catholic Eucharistic Ministers. We are sensitive to the essential role that faith, ritual life, and prayer offer to the healing process and welcome the visit of your local clergy person.


For support and information, please contact the Department of Spiritual Care at (805) 569-8386.


Our Goals

  • To promote the spiritual care of each patient with compassion and dignity
  • To provide pastoral and sacramental ministry to patients, their families, and hospital staff
  • To promote and strengthen the hospital's bond with local and regional faith communities
  • To be a resource to patients and their families when making bioethical decisions regarding treatment
  • To promote and encourage an educational outreach to the greater Santa Barbara area, addressing spiritual, pastoral, and ethical aspects of health care


Spiritual Care Services

  • Chaplains available seven days a week
  • Spiritual and emotional support to patients and families dealing with the challenges of illness, treatment decisions, and the process of healing
  • Pastoral and sacramental ministry for patients and their families
  • Notification of a patient's local pastor, rabbi, or religious representative upon request
  • Educational resources to local faith communities in the areas of spiritual care, lay visitation, and bioethical decision-making
  • A network of bereavement support services within the hospital and local community
  • Spiritual Care Library that includes books, pamphlets, and videos

Team members are available to provide these spiritual support services:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Grief and loss support
  • Exploration of spiritual concerns/issues
  • Requests for prayer
  • 24-hour critical/emergency support (available through the PBX operator)
  • Spiritual and scriptural reading material
  • Meditation videos (available on the patient education channel)
  • Requests for priest/sacramental ministries
  • Assistance with Advance Directives Referrals for support may be made by physicians, nurses, the patient, family members, local clergy, and other members of the healthcare team.


Spiritual Care Special Programs

  • Training for lay visitors within local congregations
  • Spirituality and bioethics
  • Hospital interfaith memorial services
  • Services to commemorate religious holidays
  • Bereavement support network
  • Assistance with Advance Directives
  • Organ and tissue donation
  • Healing Touch: a non-invasive treatment that can be helpful in pain reduction, arthritis, pre/post surgical procedures, and wound healing, as well as decreasing chemo/radiation side effects, decreasing anxiety, and promoting general well-being.