Wound Care Management Center


For most people, wound healing is a natural, uneventful process. But for others, it can become a complex medical problem requiring specialized treatment and care. Such patients can now turn to the Center for Wound Management at GVCH. Opened in April 2006, the comprehensive center is the only one of its kind between the Bay Area and Camarillo.


The center is specifically designed to combine wound care with ongoing health care as most problem wounds are often associated with other underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.  At the request of referring physicians, patients enter an appropriate outpatient program for evaluation and treatment.  Our expert teams of specially trained physicians and support staff are available to address problem wounds. The team, made up of specialists from many different fields, performs a complete physical exam and compiles the patient's medical history, which allows them to develop an individualized treatment plan specific to each patient's needs.  They develop individualized treatment plans, coordinate care, and provide patients and caregivers with education on how to care for their wounds at home, as well as lifestyle adjustments that will speed the healing process.


One important element of treatment is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The new center is equipped with two hyperbaric chambers which provide patients with 100 percent pure oxygen within a pressurized setting. (Normal air consists of 21 percent oxygen.) Breathing pure oxygen increases the level of oxygen in the bloodstream, promoting wound healing by stimulating new vascular growth and aiding in the preservation of damaged tissue. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally prescribed in conjunction with other treatment such as surgery and medication.


To learn more about the center, call (805) 696-7920.