Gifts, flowers, magazines, books, and sundries are available in our Bath Street Lobby Gift Shop on the 2nd Floor. More information is available here >>



Flowers arriving for you will be delivered to your room. (No flowers in the critical care units, please.) We are not able to supply flower vases.



Latex balloon may not be brought to the hospital as gifts. Exposure to latex can cause severe allergic reactions in some patients. Mylar balloons are permitted.



Mail arriving for you will be delivered to your room.  Outgoing mail may be given to your nurse.  A US Postal Service mailbox is located on the first floor next to the Central elevators near the Castillo Street entrance. The mail is picked up weekdays at 1:00 p.m.


Caring Bridge Patient Websites

Caring Bridge, a  nonprofit organization, is Cottage Health System's preferred provider for free, personal Websites for patients.  It's easy to create and use your own site, and once you do, you can quickly and easily update your loved ones about your treatment and condition.  Ask your nurse or Hospitality for more information.