Room Features


Each hospital room has an adjustable bed, a special health mattress, a chest of drawers for personal items, a small closet and, in most cases, a thermostat for temperature control.


The remote control device by your bed adjusts the positioning of your bed. Please let your nurse advise or assist you as to what positioning is best for your care. The remote control device by the bed also serves as a nurse call button.


A sofa daybed is provided for visitors.




Each patient room has a flat-screen television with many interactive capabilities including internet access and educational health videos.


The program guide can be found on the main menu. Please view the patient safety and patient rights programs. Six short programs cover topics such as advance directives and pain management as well as infection control and medication use. To find these programs, from the Main Menu, select  Patient Education and then the category “Important, please view.”  Closed captioning is available.