Tissue Donation Program


Promoting Medical Science through research is a Cottage Health System mission.  Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital is a teaching hospital and a research hospital.


Under a special approval process and the tightly regulated supervision of the Institutional Review Board, Cottage Health System facilities perform research (independently or in collaboration with other institutions, such as the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB).


Research sometimes involves the use of de-identified data or leftover specimens (tissue/blood samples).


What is a leftover specimen?  Blood or tissue which may have been removed during surgery or other procedures is sent to the Pathologist for medical analysis.  A Pathologist is a doctor trained to examine your specimen under a microscope.  After the analysis is completed, and the specimen is no longer needed to make patient care decisions, the remaining sample is leftover and available for donation to scientists if the patient says it’s okay.


The purpose of the Tissue Donation Program is:

  • To collaborate with scientists and academic researchers (such as UCSB researchers) to advance medical science and find cures for the future;
  • To provide a safe and secure process for donating leftover clinical specimens to scientists;
  • To maintain the confidentiality of our patients who choose to donate their leftover specimens for research.


For Patients and Specimen Donors


Possible ways to provide permission to donate your leftover specimen sample

  • During the Admitting Process, patients are provided with a copy of the Specimen Collection consent form and an informational brochure about donating tissue for research.  If interested, they will sign and date the form and it will accompany the other admitting paperwork into the medical record.
  • Complete the consent form and mail it in.  Both documents are available for printing by clicking on the links below.  If you would like to have your specimen(s) donated for research (from past or future visits to our facility), you may print the consent form, sign and date it, and mail it to:

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Research Compliance Department

P. O. Box 689
Santa Barbara, CA 93102


For Researchers

  • Complete a Pre-Assessment Tool found here and on the Data Use Committee page and follow the instructions
  • Prior to receiving specimens you will be required to execute a Material Transfer Agreement.


Research Compliance


Institutional Review Board

•  Data Use Committee
Tissue Donation Program
•  FAQs
Research Newsletters


•  Pre-Assessment Tool
[Word doc]
•  Data Use Committee Instructions
[Word doc]

Specimen Collection and/or Tissue Banking Consent Form

•  How are Leftover Specimens Used for Research?

To request a Pre-Assessment Tool (PAT), please contact Tamara Norton in the Research Compliance Department office


Tamara Norton, MHS, CIP

Research Compliance & Project Development Specialist / IRB Coordinator
682-7111 ext. 53336


For protocol development assistance and statistical considerations, contact


Jonathan Grotts, MA

Research Analyst & Project Development Specialist / Statistician