Caring For Those In Need


Marion (at right) faces many of the same challenges that other seniors do. At 80 years old, she lives alone on a fixed income struggling with monthly finances and trying to coordinate medications, shopping, and preparing food, along with all the other tasks necessary to sustain independence. On top of this, Marion has lost much of her eyesight due to macular degeneration and glaucoma. Because she has so many other physical challenges, it is difficult for her to move without assistance.


One of Marion’s regular outings is attending the bi-national support group at St. Joseph Church in Carpinteria, led by Cottage Health System’s Parish Nursing program.


According to Parish Nurse Elly Bible, “Marion brings a light and presence to our group like no other, and she offers compassion that is truly moving, often giving up her place in line for others in need.”


Parish Nurses like Elly are able to provide basic health screenings, wellness coaching, and assistance with navigating health care needs and connecting to resources.


Marion dreams of seeing Yosemite National Park before she loses her eyesight completely. Elly stated, “I hope that her wish will come true. I also hope that we all can learn to keep our hearts open and increase our patience and awareness, because there are many seniors with special needs who struggle every day.”


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