Meet a Few of Cottage’s Newest Residents


A Story of Luck and Love

Dr. Jeremy Lash and Dr. Amanda Scott


After completing medical school in Ireland, husband and wife Dr. Jeremy Lash and Dr. Amanda Scott feel very lucky to be together working on their residencies in a town they both love—Santa Barbara.


While both California natives, Amanda and Jeremy have spent much of the past five years almost half a world apart.


Introduced by mutual friends, the couple first met in Santa Barbara. A UCSB graduate and former volunteer in Cottage’s pediatric unit, Amanda had returned to Santa Barbara to visit family and friends after finishing her first year in medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. And at the time Jeremy was working for his family’s company, Lash Construction, on a project for the new SBCH.


Born at Cottage and raised in Carpinteria, Jeremy wanted to pursue a career as a physician. Moving closer to Amanda became a priority for him as he considered medical schools, and University College Cork provided the opportunity to gain excellent training as well as live just three hours away from her.



This year 18 new residents joined Cottage’s team of nurses, physicians, and staff to deliver compassionate and quality care at SBCH. 



Living and studying in Ireland has given their medical careers a rich foundation—one marked by a different healthcare system, a breadth of cultural perspectives, and a strong medical education.


Amanda elaborates in particular on the skills she gained in communicating with patients: “You really have to learn to problem-solve to get your point across. Learning medicine in a setting with a variety of cultures has made us much more patient.”


When Amanda graduated from medical school, the two married, and ten days later, Amanda moved back to Santa Barbara to start her residency in internal medicine at SBCH. After another two years of medical school and long-distance marriage, Jeremy joined this year’s incoming class of internal medicine residents at Cottage.


Jeremy explains what attracted them to residencies at SBCH: “Cottage has the service you would expect in a big [medical] center, but is small enough that it feels personal.”


Amanda adds, “Santa Barbara is a really nice place to live, and a great size town for raising a family.”



Like Father like Son

Dr. Babji Mesipam and Dr. Avinash Mesipam


Nearly 20 years ago, staff and physicians in the Medical Education Office first met Dr. Babji Mesipam as a recent graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine and father of young Avinash Mesipam. After completing three years of residency in internal medicine, Babji chose to stay in Santa Barbara to establish his practice. Today, he serves as Chief of the Medical Staff at SBCH.


Avinash can recall those early days of his father’s career. “I remember spending time with my dad at Cottage. He seemed like he had a great connection with his patients and enjoyed his work. That rubbed off on me,” he explains.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Avinash has chosen to pursue a career as a physician. Also graduating from Loma Linda, he joined this year’s incoming class for a one-year residency in internal medicine.


Graduate Medical Education Coordinator Pat Keay, who remembers when Babji was a resident at Cottage, says, “They are both very intelligent, and his father has been a big inspiration for [Avinash].” 



Experienced educators are certainly a hallmark of the residency program, as many of the physicians have now taught both Mesipam doctors. The strength of the physician community has been a real highlight for Babji throughout his career in Santa Barbara and what he identifies as a strong point of the program.


“Most [residency] programs have a hierarchy of communication. Here there is more collaboration between the ranks. We have a smaller program where residents know each other very well, and leaders know how to help these residents in various situations,” Babji describes.


Next Avinash will continue his graduate training by returning to Loma Linda for a four year residency in diagnostic radiology, hoping eventually to practice neurointerventional radiology.


Only a few months into his residency at SBCH, he can tell his time here is well spent. “Cottage has surpassed my expectations,” he remarks. For Avinash and many other residents, Cottage has become an important part of their story.


Father / son duo, Dr. Babji Mesipam and Dr. Avinash Mesipam, now walk the halls of Cottage as colleagues. Cottage’s resident wife / husband duo, Dr. Scott and Dr. Lash, share the same shore after studies brought them across an ocean and back.


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