Internet Access

Our hospitals feature wireless Internet access, so you may use personal devices to connect to your family and friends. Please ask your nurse if you would like to borrow a laptop from Concierge Services.


Your room television also has Internet access, and is controlled by your remote control device.


Computer access is also available in Reeves Medical library Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.



Caring Bridge Patient Websites

Caring Bridge, a  nonprofit organization, is Cottage Health System's preferred provider for free, personal Websites for patients.  It's easy to create and use your own site, and once you do, you can quickly and easily update your loved ones about your treatment and condition.  Ask your nurse or Hospitality for more information.



Telephones are by each bed.


For local calls, dial 9 + the number. (Use the telephone directory to avoid an information operator charge.)


For long distance, dial 9 + 0 to reach the outside operator; these calls need to be collect or charged with a calling card.


Family and friends can reach you by calling (805) 688-6431 and asking for your room number.