Cottage Wins Recycling Award

from CalRecycle


Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital is a winner in the 2010 CalRecycle Waste Reduction Award Program (WRAP) and is one of only 20 health services in California who received this honor.


By incorporating waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and buying recycled into daily business activities, WRAP award winners are helping to conserve scarce resources, and to make an impact on the “green movement” in California.




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The city of Santa Barbara set a goal to reduce the amount of total waste going to the landfill to 30 percent and to increase recycling to 70 percent.


SBCH has this ambitious goal within its reach. In 2009, only 35 percent of the hospital’s waste was sent to the landfill.


Recycling at SBCH jumped ten-fold over the last decade—from 82,000 pounds recycled in 2000 to nearly 1 million pounds in 2009.


Cottage was one of the first businesses to participate in the city of Santa Barbara’s pilot composting program in 2008. Today, SBCH now composts about 7,500 pounds of food waste per month, with nearly 90,000 pounds composted last year.


This is the equivalent of 24 vehicles being taken off the road for an entire year, according to the city’s environmental analysts.


Dec 2010