Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency Services

Clinical Staff


Paul Erickson, MD

Medical Director


Terry Early, MD



Mikhail Meyerovich, MD



Dr. Erickson has been medical director for Psychiatry and Chemical Dependency since 2002. He is board certified in psychiatry and has ASAM certification. Dr. Erickson completed his residency in psychiatry at the Harvard Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts, with chief residency in Psychopharmacology and Family Therapy. Previously he was clinical chief at the Cambridge Hospital Department  of  Psychiatry  and  also associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.



Dr. Early completed medical school at Duke University. He was on the faculty at Baylor College of Medicine and has done research on the use of anesthetic treatments  for treatment resistant mood disorders. He provides ketamine treatment for chronic pain and mood disorders.



Dr. Meyerovich completed his medical education and residency at University of California Davis and is dually credentialed in psychiatry and family practice.


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