Even with Type I Diabetes,

Christian is active as ever


Santa Barbara resident Christian Hernandez, age 7, is always on the go, with a big smile and a 'can-do' attitude. he loves basketball, skateboarding, and hip-hop dancing.


Over the summer, his parents were worried when Christian was complaining of being very thirsty and not having much energy. A visit to the doctor's office confirmed that he had type 1 diabetes. Christian's blood sugar level was off the charts and he was admitted to Cottage Children's Hospital, where he spent almost a week.


"We thought, 'why does this have to happen to us?'" recalled his mom, Blanca.


"Christian hoped it was something that would go away. But then he found out he would have this all his life."


Despite the big changes in the Hernandez's daily routine, the family has learned how to manage the disease, and Christian can still enjoy all of his favorite activities.




"Everyone at Cottage was so nice and helpful. they provided so much support to all of us," his mom said. "It was really comforting to know that we were not alone in facing this disease."




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