Understanding Healthcare Quality


At Cottage Health System our mission is to provide superior health care through a commitment to our communities and to our core values of excellence, integrity, and compassion. Our vision is to be a leading healthcare system in California in quality and patient satisfaction. In that spirit, we are committed to refining and improving the processes of quality care and to understanding how we compare to national and state quality benchmarks.


We are also committed to sharing our quality data in an effort to be transparent and help you understand the data that is published here and elsewhere. We use our quality data to identify areas of excellence and areas in need of improvement. The data that is presented here is shared and addressed throughout Cottage Health System.


Quality can be a very difficult thing to measure so we are constantly reviewing the literature and updating our measures based upon their validity and usefulness for improvement.

Quality Measures:

Processes of Care

Outcomes of Care

Satisfaction with Care

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SBCH Stroke Program Wins Quality Achievement Award

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If you have questions regarding the data contained in the report feel free to contact us at (805) 569-7244 and we will provide you with the latest on our current improvement efforts.


We firmly believe in processes of care that are evidence-based and data-driven. We learn from them, and acknowledge that there are always opportunities to improve. Combined with our core values of excellence, integrity and compassion, this emphasis on the best process will enhance all aspects of care in our hospital.


Note: Although the data in this report represent standard quality measures, specific care and treatment options may not be right for every patient. Always consult your physician before taking any medications or beginning any treatment regimen.