Smoking Policy


Smoking by all persons is prohibited anywhere within and on the grounds of any Cottage Health System facility and within 20 feet of an entrance access point of CHS buildings, parking lots, and other structures. At SYVCH, smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hospital and off-site buildings, including patient rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms, cafeteria, conference rooms, restrooms, stairwells, and all entrances to SYVCH.


A Santa Barbara County ordinance prohibits patients, visitors, and staff from smoking withing 20 feet of any public building.Smoking shall not be permitted by anyone at any point of entry or within 20 feet of a window at any CHS facility, even if on a sidewalk. CHS reserves the right to ask smokers to move away from any point of entry.


Healthcare workers are not required to escort patients or stay with them if the patient chooses to leave the building to smoke. This includes patients on psychiatric holds in the Emergency Department. Healthcare workers maty not prohibit a patient from exiting the building to smoke off property, with the exception of a patient on a psychiatric hold. However, patients should be warned of the potential consequences of leaving the building to smoke, i.e.: IV management, lack of telemetry monitoring, delayed medication administration, etc., and so documented in the patient’s record.


Cottage encourages you to ask your physician about appropriate treatments / drugs to help smokers quit.


Smoking Cessation Services Available