Tips for Safe Health Care

Patient Identification
Accurate patient identification is essential so that staff can easily see who you are. Please wear your plastic identification bracelet at all times. Make sure your nurse or caregiver verifies your identification before giving you medicine or performing tests or procedures.

Patient Security
All hospital personnel must wear a picture ID badge at all times. lf someone without a badge claims to be a hospital employee, notify your nurse immediately.

Fire and Disaster Safety
Drills are held occasionally in order to protect patients in the event of an emergency. Bells and alarms may sound during these tests. Please remain in your room until the drill is over. If a real emergency occurs, remain in your room until the nursing staff gives you instructions.

Medication Safety
    • Tell your doctor or nurse about all medications you take at
       home (including prescriptions and over-the-counter items)

    • Tell your doctor or nurse about medication or food allergies
       or intolerances you have.

    • If you are not receiving a medication you normally take at home,
       tell your nurse or doctor so it can be ordered for you.

    • Never take a medication that you or your family have brought from home.

    • Medications from home will not be used in the hospital:
        • To ensure safety and potency of medications dispensed to you.
        • To ensure that medicines given to you in the hospital are safe
           to use with your home medications.

Preventing Falls
    • Use your call light when you need help.
    • If you have been instructed to stay in bed, use your call light and
      don’t try to get up without assistance from hospital staff.
    • If you feel weak or dizzy, ask for help when getting out of bed.
    • When getting out of bed, sit on the side of the bed for at least
      one full minute before standing.
    • When the bed side rails are up, don’t try to crawl over them. Call for assistance.
    • Make sure you can reach your call light, phone, and other personal items
      before the staff leaves your room.
    • If you are unable to get out of bed, make sure you can reach
      your bedpan or urinal before the staff leaves your room.
    • Wear non-skid slippers or socks when walking.