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Application Process


Applications submitted will be held and reviewed starting February 1, 2015. Applicants will be considered for the Fall 2015, Spring 2016 and Spring 2017 classes.

For more information, call, write, or e-mail:

Amy Luong
CLS Education Coordinator
Cottage Hospital School of Clinical Laboratory Science
454 South Patterson Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
(805) 879-8103


All qualified applicants are invited to apply to the Program. Applicants will be evaluated without regard to age, sex, race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, or any other legally impermissible factor.


The application deadline for classes beginning in September is February 1. All documents are to be sent directly to the School of Clinical Laboratory Science. Interviews will be required of selected applicants, who will be notified by phone. Up to six students will be chosen for classes beginning each September.


Instructions for Trainee Applicants


The complete application to the School of Clinical Laboratory Science should contain the following materials:

  • Standardized Application Form
  • Clinical Laboratory Scientist Trainee License (see #2)
  • Transcripts of all College and University work (see #3)
  • Letters of Recommendation (see #5)
  • Supplemental Documentation (see #7)

1.  Application Procedure -- Start Early!

If possible, start the application process early in the senior year.
Complete the following items and send, or have them sent, to the School of Clinical Laboratory Science:

  • Standardized Application Form
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Official Transcripts
  • Form 311 - Status of Trainee License from the State of California
    (Trainee license will not be available until after the Bachelor’s degree, but the application process should be started well before graduation)

2. State of California Requirements for Training

Information concerning the requirements for California State Licensure as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist Trainee may be obtained from the California Department of Public Health. All candidates accepted into clinical training are required to have this training license. To obtain a trainee license, the applicant should write or phone the office listed below requesting application forms and accompanying instructions.

        California State Department of Public Health
        Laboratory Field Services
        850 Marina Bay Parkway, Bldg P, 1st Floor
        Richmond, CA  94804-6403
        (510) 873-6327


NOTE:   When clinical training begins, you will be required to present your license for display in the laboratory in which you will be receiving training. It is illegal to reproduce the license in any manner.


3. Transcripts

Each CLS trainee is required to provide official copies of transcripts for all college and/or university work completed. An official transcript is one that is signed by the Registrar where the student is/was in attendance, imprinted with the institutional seal, and is mailed directly from the Registrar to its respective destination(s) without being accessible to the student. Official transcripts are required to be sent to each of the following:

The School of Clinical Laboratory Science

California Department of Public Health – Lab Field Services


4. Foreign Student Application

Students with foreign degrees must have a transcript evaluation from an acceptable evaluation agency and complete thirty (30) semester hours of coursework from a U.S. college or university. Foreign students must be conversant in English.


5. Letters of Recommendation

All student applicants are required to submit letters of recommendation from two (2) science instructors. Please ask the instructors to use the standardized letters of recommendation after you have completed the identifying information at the top of the forms. These letters are to be mailed directly by the instructors to the School of Clinical Laboratory Science. Also, send a letter of recommendation from a former or current employer. These individuals may use company letterhead, rather than the standardized form. This letter of recommendation should also be sent directly to the School of Clinical Laboratory Science.


6. Interviews

A personal interview will be required of selected applicants. Interviews will be conducted six (6) months prior to the beginning of the training year in September.


7. Supplemental Documentation

A handwritten letter of intent is required of all applicants. This letter should be mailed directly to the School of Clinical Laboratory Science and should include information about professional goals, reasons for interest in the field of Clinical Laboratory Science, and why the applicant is interested in the program at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.


8. Previous Education

Students who have completed their education and received their degree in excess of seven (7) years prior to their date of application for admission into clinical training are required to have recent coursework (including laboratory sections) in Medical Microbiology and Biochemistry.


9. Helpful Hints and Suggestions

  • Apply early to allow for delays.
  • Please try to type the information on all forms. If a word processor is not available, then print clearly in large bold letters in black ink.
  • Keep copies of all application materials and a dated record of the application process.



Contact Information

For more information, please call, write, or e-mail:

Amy Luong

CLS Education Coordinator
Cottage Hospital School of Clinical Laboratory Science

454 S. Patterson Ave

Santa Barbara, CA 93111

(805) 879-8103