Nutritional Information









Adobo Pork Loin 144 1g 19g 7g 400mg
Baked Chicken Parmesan 261 11g 30g 11g 409mg
Baked Whole Wheat Penne Pasta 476 68g 23g 15g 534mg
Basa Swai in Ginger and Green Onions 142 5g 22g 3g 326mg
Basa Swai Vera Cruz 178 4g 22g 8g 286mg
Basa Swai with Red Pepper Coulis 232 5g 37g 6g 344mg
BBQ Beef Sandwich 367 41g 30g 8g 777mg
Beef Pot Roast 237 5g 30g 10g 414mg
Beef Tacos 385 31g 30g 16g 492mg
Black Bean Croquette 351 56g 16g 8g 687mg
Blackened Tilapia 322 3g 45g 15g 396mg
Braised Cod with Tomatoes and Capers 189 5g 27g 7g 320mg
Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese 353 38g 16g 15g 505mg
Cajun Chicken Stew 262 15g 17g 14g 522mg
Chicken Cordon Bleu 302 2g 38g 15g 547mg
Chicken Dijon 277 6g 26g 15g 545mg
Chicken Fajitas 289 34g 15g 10g 545mg
Chicken Florentine Lasagna 445 25g 32g 25g 493mg
Chicken Kiev 564 11g 28g 44g 548mg
Chicken Picatta 327 10g 25g 20g 407mg
Chicken Pot Pie 360 28g 14g 21g 571mg
Chicken Provençal 201 6g 25g 8g 321mg
Chicken Saltimboca with White Wine Sauce 219 1g 31g 9g 642mg
Chicken with Raisins and Lemon 313 22g 25g 15g 375mg
Chickpea Patty with Tomato Salad 379 27g 8g 27g 755mg
Chili Glazed Cod 212 6g 26g 9g 403mg
Cilantro Chicken 175 7g 22g 6g 421mg
Coconut Tofu with Pineapple Salsa 674 33g 49g 43g 463mg
Cod with Spicy Corn Succotash 229 11g 28g 8g 410mg
Fettucine Alfredo 483 67g 20g 14g 504mg
French Dip Sandwich 377 40g 29g 11g 595mg
Garlic Seared Chicken Breast with Italian Salsa Verde 266 6g 24g 17g 739mg
Green Chile and Cheese Enchiladas 449 35g 26g 24g 970mg
Grilled Chicken in Red Chili with Zucchini and Corn 197 9g 16g 11gs 40mg
Herb-Crusted Snapper in Black Olive Vinaigrette 258 2g 23g 17g 199mg
Herb-Roasted Chicken 181 1g 24g 8g 365mg
Herb-Roasted Pork Loin 111 1g 19g 3g 279mg
Herb-Roasted Tilapia with Chorizo Aioli 263 1g 45g 9g 308mg
Horseradish Salmon 199 3g 19g 12g 387mg
Jerk Chicken 184 2g 24g 8g 465mg
Latin-Spiced Cod topped with Clam Salsa 148 10g 18g 4g 446mg
Lemon Chicken 255 8g 26g 13g 427mg
Lemon Garlic Roasted Tilapia 248 1g 44g 7g 245mg
Lentil and Vegetable Stew 196 30g 9g 5g 394mg
Lime Jalapeno Chicken 196 2g 24g 10g 367mg
Mexican Beef Stew 295 23g 24g 12g 581mg
Mexican Spiced Pork Chops and Pineapple Relish 149 12g 18 g 3g 300 mg
Oven-Baked Basa Swai 122 1g 21g 3g 354mg
Oven-Fried Chicken Breast 284 20g 31g 8g 481mg
Peruvian Crispy Tofu Stir-Fry 125 7g 8g 8g 506mg
Pesto Florentine Baked Chicken 320 8g 29g 19g 445mg
Philly Steak Sandwich 536 40g 42g 22g 694mg
Pork Chili Verde 252 15g 31g 7g 1289mg
Pork Kaffir Lime Red Curry 215 17 g 18 g 8 g 400mg
Pork Loin with Honey Mustard 241 19g 27g 4g 486mg
Portabello Mushroom and Spinach Bolognese 425 71g 19g 11g 449mg
Portabello Mushroom Stack 330 17g 20g 22g 429mg
Red Lentil and Vegetable Dal 216 34g 11g 4g 367mg
Red Snapper with Orange Balsamic 175 8g 24g 5g 227mg
Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Shells with Marinara 351 18g 26g 21g 764mg
Roast Turkey and Dressing 379 27g 40g 11g 743mg
Roasted Tomato and Kale Lasagna 426 40g 24g 21g 664mg
Rosemary Honey Roast Beef 167 4g 23g 6g 368mg
Salmon with Pineapple Relish 283 5g 25g 17g 367mg
Salmon with Putanesca Sauce 316 7g 20g 23g 528mg
Seared Salmon with Black Bean Salsa 250 8g 22g 15g 329mg
Seared Salmon with Honey Glaze 363 26g 25g 17g 256mg
Soy Chili-Marinated Pork Loin 265 3g 22g 5g 262mg
Soy-Glazed Cod 203 8g 22g 9g 452mg
Tandoori Spiced Oven-Fried Chicken 370 42g 30g 9g 500mg
Tex Mex Salmon 241 1g 19g 17g 268mg
Thai Almond Chicken Stir Fry 212 8 g 12 g 15 g 361mg
Turkey Medallions with Garlic Butter 273 1g 26g 18g 344mg
Tuscan White Fish 244 2g 30g 13g 303mg
Vegetable Enchiladas 399 41g 22g 18g 770mg
Vegetable Pad Thai 249 33 g 9 g 9 g 243mg

Side Dishes

Barley Mushroom Pilaf 326 56g 8g 9g 221mg
Brown Rice Pilaf 245 45g 5g 5g 255mg
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes 131 19g 2g 5g 260mg
Couscous with Pesto and Almonds 241 28g 8g 11g 153mg
Couscous with Raisins and Cranberries 274 47g 6g 7g 302mg
Curried Quinoa Pilaf with Almonds and Raisins 248 41g 8g 7g 176mg
Garden Rice 128 28g 2g 0g 3mg
Lemony Herb-Roasted Potatoes 150 25g 2g 5g 160mg
Mashed Potatoes 152 19g 3g 8g 411mg
Orzo with Garbanzos and Parmesan 237 32g 9g 8g 180mg
Orzo with Parsley and Sun-Dried Tomatoes 219 36g 5g 5g 274mg
Oven-Roasted Potatoes with Cheddar 214 23g 7g 11g 286mg
Parmesan Risotto Cake 512 57g 13g 24g 504mg
Parsley Potatoes 127 22g 3g 4g 308mg
Red Beans and Rice 158 28g 4g 4g 147mg
Roasted Sweet Potatoes 159 26g 2g 6g 202mg
Savory Bread Pudding 238 25g 14g 9g 451mg
Sticky Rice 210 35g 4g 6g 275mg
Sweet Potatoes with Black Bean Chili 164 28g 5g 6g 402mg
Warm Cranberry Bulgar Salad 232 44g 5g 6g 163mg
Warm Quinoa Salad 192 20g 8g 10g 212mg
Whole Wheat Macaroni and Cheese 241 24g 12g 12g 353mg
Yellow Rice with Corn, Peas and Cilantro 155 30g 4g 2g 210mg


Asian Chicken with Rice Noodles Soup 123 11g 11g 5g 268mg
Beef and Wild Mushroom 113 7g 10g 5g 277mg
Beef Barley Soup 170 15g 14g 6g 268mg
Black Bean and Chorizo Soup 252 40g 14g 4g 295mg
Black-Eyed Pea and Tomato Soup 128 17g 3g 5g 256mg
Broccoli and Cheddar Soup 198 17g 11g 10g 287mg
Broccoli, White Bean and Cheddar Soup 190 16g 11g 9g 295mg
Caldo de Rez Soup 264 40g 15g 6g 572mg
Carrot and Ginger Soup 120 22g 2g 3g 271mg
Cauliflower Bisque with Truffle Oil 138 11g 4g 9g 281mg
Chicken Noodle Soup 102 14g 7g 2g 267mg
Chicken Pozole 171 20g 16g 3g 576mg
Chicken Rice Soup 144 16g 11g 3g 279mg
Chicken Tortellini Soup 134 10g 12g 5g 303mg
Chicken Vegetable Soup 120 9g 13g 4g 244mg
Chunky Tomato Basil Soup 84 13g 2g 4g 298mg
Clam Chowder 95 14g 4g 2g 232mg
Corn Chowder 150 23g 5g 5g 166mg
Cream of Broccoli Soup 104 9g 4g 6g 258mg
Cream of Chipotle and Sweet Potato Soup 156 21g 2g 7g 265mg
Cream of Curry Lentil Soup 200 24g 9g 8g 297mg
Cream of Eggplant Soup 109 10g 2g 7g 277mg
Cream of Mushroom Soup 130 16g 6g 5g 219mg
Cream of Parsnip Soup 131 18g 2g 6g 277mg
Cream of Potato with Bacon Soup 239 32g 7g 8g 2661mg
Cream of Spinach and Potato Soup 188 25g 6g 8g 262mg
Cream of Tomato Soup 126 14g 5g 6g 297mg
Cream of Zucchini Soup 126 7g 2g 10g 275mg
Curried Carrot Soup 81 13g 1g 3g 273mg
French Onion Soup 79 7g 1g 5g 317mg
Garden Vegetable Soup 81 12g 2g 3g 309mg
Lentil, Spinach and Tomato Soup 160 26g 10g 2g 291mg
Manhattan Clam Chowder 55 9g 2g 2g 361mg
Miso Soup 55 5g 5g 2g 241mg
Moroccan Chickpea Soup 101 15g 4g 3g 295mg
New England Clam Chowder 95 14g 4g 2g 232mg
Potato Leek and Andouille Sausage Soup 198 18g 9g 10g 336mg
Potato Leek Soup 157 22g 5g 5g 244mg
Sausage and Lentil Soup 225 27g 13g 8g 383mg
Seafood Chowder 237 20g 24g 6g 295mg
Shrimp Bisque 176 9g 13g 10g 340mg
Split Pea Soup 183 32g 11g 2g 227mg
Sweet Potato and Apple Bisque 149 25g 2g 5g 286mg
Three Bean Soup 221 40g 10g 3g 436mg
Tomato Florentine Soup 61 9g 2g 3g 299mg
Tortilla Soup 111 19g 3g 3g 255mg
Turkey Chipotle Chili 298 24g 40g 4g 464mg
Turkey Lentil Soup 198 22g 19g 4g 259mg
Turkey Minestrone 211 24g 18g 5g 297mg
Vegetable Barley Soup 164 31g 5g 3g 300mg
Vegetable Beef Soup 118 7g 12g 5g 304mg
Vegetable Rice Soup 135 23g 3g 3g 257mg
White Bean and Tomato Soup 231 38g 13g 4g 335mg
White Bean and Kale Soup 183 28g 10g 4g 288mg

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