Thomas H. Jones, MD
Neurosurgeon and
Medical Director,
Santa Barbara
Neuroscience Institute


Dear Colleagues,


On September 24th, the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital-sponsored Fourth Annual Saving the Brain Symposium was held. As usual, it was well attended and had a strong guest faculty.


Drs. Alois Zauner and Phil Delio were the course directors. Dr. Howard Yonas, chair of neurological surgery at the University of New Mexico, started the day off with an informative update on neurocritical care.


The next speaker was Professor Urban Ungerstedt from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, a world expert in the use of microdialysis and its potential for improving brain physiology monitoring in the neurocritical care unit.


Later in the morning, Dr. Jeffrey Weinberg, a neurosurgeon from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, brought us all up to date on the use of intraoperative MRI scans in the management of patients with brain neoplasms. He was enthusiastic about its role and felt that it improved surgical as well as patient outcomes.


Dr. Marvin Bergsneider, a professor of neurological surgery at UCLA, gave a talk enhanced with surgical videos on the relatively new use of endoscopes for removing intracranial skull base tumors through the transnasal approach.




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After lunch in a large outdoor pavilion overlooking the ocean, Dr. David Liebeskind, the associate director of the stroke service at UCLA, reviewed the underappreciated importance of collateral flow in the management of acute stroke. Then, Dr. Todd Czartoski, the director of neurology at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle, reviewed their extensive experience in the use of telemedicine to help deliver expert stroke care to underserved rural Washington State. 


Our last guest lecturer, Dr. Giuseppe Lanzino, a professor of neurological surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, presented an array of complex intracranial aneurysms treated successfully with endovascular approaches.


Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital medical staff also contributed. Dr. Linda Chen of the neurology service reviewed advances in the management of epilepsy. Dr. Stephen Kaminski, the director of the SBCH trauma service and the surgical ICU, discussed controversies in the resuscitation of acutely brain injured patients. As a change of pace, I spoke about the global treatment of spine problems in the USA and tried to make the case that we appear to be spending much more than other countries and without adequate outcome studies to justify this excess. Dr. Alois Zauner closed the meeting with a discussion of his considerable experience treating complex vascular lesions.


In summary, the 2011 Saving the Brain Conference was a great success. This was largely due to the efforts of the SBCH staff’s organizational skills, the support of vendors, and the efforts of Drs. Zauner and Delio. We look forward to next year.




Tom Jones, MD