Pain Management: Managing Pain at Home


If you experienced pain in the hospital, you may still feel pain after you go home. Your doctor should give you instructions about or prescriptions for pain medications for you to use at home.


It is important that you follow the prescription directions to assure that you are taking the correct amount of pain medication. If you are taking the medication as directed, but it is not working to adequately control your pain, it is important that you call your doctor. Unrelieved pain can be a warning sign or can slow healing. It can also just be a signal that an adjustment needs to be made in your medications.


Many pain medications can be constipating. As a general rule, increasing your fluid and fiber intake can help with constipation. There are also stool softeners and laxatives that can be purchased without a prescription from any drugstore. Some patients, however, should not increase fluid and fiber intake. Additionally, some laxatives can be dangerous to certain patients. If you are experiencing constipation, it is important that you discuss these remedies with your physician.