CRH Director Elected Medical Society President


Sharon L. Basham, MD, Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital's Medical Director, has been elected as 2011 Santa Barbara County Medical Society President.


In an article published in the January/February 2011 Medical Society News, Dr. Basham offered a thoughtful outline of the many challenges physicians face as the healthcare system and reimbursement policies and procedures change. It also reflects her relationshp to CRH and I would like to take opportunity to share a few paragraphs.


"Many of us don't like change, but it appears to be inevitable. How do we convey our thoughts and ideas in a constructive way to promote changes which will be successful for both patients and physicians? This is where the "strength in numbers" comes into play.


"Many years ago, I decided to pursue my medical career in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This field is certainly one of great teamwork and collaboration between therapists, psychologists, nurses, case managers and physicians.


"The transdisciplinary approach works well, as all rehabilitation healthcare professionals have the opportunity to voice opinions and treatment strategies individualized for each patient undergoing the rehabilitation process.


"I view this model as one very similar to how the California Medical Association creates policies and programs. Physicians from all disciplines can voice their input into the CMA legislative process."


CRH is fortunate to have Dr. Basham as its leader in this dynamic time of change.


Melinda Staveley, M.S.
Vice President,
Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital