Remembering Gary M. Hock


In this issue of the Cottage Magazine, we remember with heartfelt appreciation the encouragement and support provided to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital by Gary Hock (pictured with wife, Lyn). Gary passed away in Santa Barbara in October following a lengthy illness.


Never one to do things in small measures, Gary’s thoughtful interest in excellent health care led to two significant gifts that will impact Cottage for decades to come. His first major philanthropic investment came in 2009 and was directed to support the rebuilding of the hospital. Early in 2013, Gary communicated his strong interest in supporting the skill development of those who provide direct care at the patient’s bedside. Following dialogue with the hospital’s leadership that led to another significant donation, the hospital is now constructing a larger teaching and learning center to provide caregivers with the opportunity to practice basic and advanced care techniques and decision making using simulation models that mimic real-life medical conditions of patients. We are honored that when the center opens late next year, it will be known as The Gary M. Hock Family Patient Care Simulation Lab.



Gary and Lyn Hock

Gary’s name is also included on the “Philanthropic Legacy” display in the main lobby of the new hospital — showcasing those who have made exceptional gifts to support the excellence of the hospital.


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