Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation


The Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation (formerly Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation and RISB Foundation) was established to support Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital's acute medical rehabilitation and community outreach services.


The primary goal is to fund CRH's many community programs and services, including:

These programs and services extend the rehabilitation process beyond the walls of Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital into the community. They are designed to benefit the community by promoting prevention of illness and injury and by providing health information and awareness.


For information on supporting the programs and services of Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital through the Foundation, contact Thomas Reeg, Foundation Administrator, at, or (805) 569-8999, ext. 82143.

Hear what our caregivers say about Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital. Please watch our video: Renewing Hope. Nurturing Independence. 



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Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital
Foundation Board


The foundation maintains an independent board of directors, and devotes its energies toward charitable giving that supports CRH.



2015 Board of Directors


Paul Graziano , Chair

Jim Whilt, Immediate Past Chair

Herbert Tews, Vice Chair
Lailan McGrath, Secretary
Karen Hickman, Treasurer

Melinda Staveley, President
Sharon Basham, MD
Tyson Blades
Tariq Kadri
Danielle Kent
Renée Nordstrand

Ashley Parker Snider

William Werts


Thomas Reeg, Foundation Administrator



Contact Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation at
or (805) 569-8999, ext. 82143.