Salaries and Benefits


2014 Resident Salaries 

R1: $ 58,766 R4: $ 71,640
R2: $ 62,300 R5: $ 73,183
R3: $ 66,694  


Medical and Dental Insurance

The Hospital also provides comprehensive health and dental insurance, disability insurance, free parking, malpractice insurance and various other amenities to each Resident.  In addition, there is a conference allowance of $1,250 per year for all R2s and above.


Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance is provided by the hospital, without cost to the resident.


Malpractice Insurance

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital’s Insurance Program provides Professional Liability Coverage for all trainees in the hospital’s Graduate Medical Education Program. The hospital’s insurance program includes modified occurrence coverage for acts or omissions which fall within the scope of the education program. The hospital is self-insured for the first tier of coverage, and has an outside insurer for more substantial claims.


The physician’s coverage carries a built-in tail coverage for up to seven years following the hospital’s departure from its current insurer, should the hospital change insurers. Thus, all physician claims reported or filed after the resident’s completion of the Graduate Medical Education Program would be covered. The coverage afforded to the physicians is consistent with the coverage provided to the hospital itself.


Meal Allowance

A generous meal allowance is furnished for use when the resident is on call.  Meals are otherwise not included as part of the resident’s remuneration.  However, lunch is provided at our daily weekday noon conference.e.



Parking is provided at no charge to all residents. The hospital has a parking structure located just across from the hospital.


White Coats/Scrubs

White coats and scrubs are provided to each resident without charge. Laundering is provided.


Conference Stipend

It is our philosophy that attendance by residents at national or regional conferences fosters the educational development of the resident and his or her cohorts. Second- and third-year residents are therefore allotted time (in addition to their usual vacation time) and are provided a stipend up to $1,250.00 to attend one major conference per year.


Relocation Subsidy

First year residents are eligible for a one-time relocation subsidy.  The subsidy, in the form of a loan, is forgiven at the end of one year, nets the residents $2,000.


Hospital-subsidized Condominium Ownership

Cottage Health System has built a large affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally refined condominium complex, with ownership application available to any Cottage Health System employee, including residents.