Choices . . . for wellness


At CHS, we focus on the health of our patients – and our employees. If you are enrolled in one of the CHS health plans, you can participate in the CHS comprehensive wellness program, highlighted below.

To give you a “head start” CHS contributes $250 each year – $350 if you complete the health assessment – to a wellness account that you can use toward the cost of lifestyle health programs. 


Download our Choices . . . brochure (PDF) here, or browse our wellness benefits:


   •  Preventive Care
   •  Health Improvement
   •  Health Management
   •  Fitness Center
•  Classes
•  Nutrition Counseling
•  Healthy Balance
•  Massage Therapy


For more information about CHS's benefits plans, contact CHS Benefits Administration at (805) 569-8970.


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What the Wellness Program Offers 


   Preventive Care    Health Improvement    Health Management
  • Wellness Account:
  • $250/year for lifestyle programs, such as fitness centers, yoga, massage
  • Health Screenings
  • Online Health Improvement Programs
  • Online Library of Health Information
  • Online Health Assessment
  • Health Improvement
  • Coaches
  • Online Library of Health Information
  • Online Health Assessment
  • Health Coaches for coronary artery disease, diabetes and asthma
  • Online Library of Health Information
For each year that you take the online health assessment,
you earn an additional $100 in your wellness account!



Here are some of the ways you can use your Wellness Account.


Lifestyle Program Amount Wellness
Account will Reimburse

Fitness Center

The facility must have a vast array of cardiovascular and strength-training exercise equipment, such as traditional health clubs.

 Your entire account balance
($250 or $350/plan year)
Yoga, Pilates, aerobics, swim and water aerobics classes when conducted in a group, business setting by a qualified instructor. Fees for attending classes at a qualified health club where you don’t have a membership will be covered, when you submit full documentation from the club.
 $50 per session
Nutrition Counseling
Includes Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or any weight management counseling program.
 $50 per session
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Healthy Balance Weight Management Program
Reimbursement made upon completion of the health assessment and graduation from the program.
$575 (the cost of Healthy Balance) minus any other Wellness Account reimbursement for the year
Massage Therapy
Must be performed by a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT). 
 $25 per massage