2013 — A Year in Review

Cottage Health System
Our Not-for-Profit Mission


Cottage Health System is a private, not-for-profit community organization. Our sole purpose is to provide outstanding medical care to the communities we serve.


Together our hospitals—in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and the Santa Ynez Valley—provide a range and quality of services rarely found in communities of our size, and are consistently among the most efficiently managed healthcare providers in California.


A volunteer board of directors from the community provides strategic direction and fiscal management of the System. These women and men are not paid for this service, and they con- tribute generously to support our hospitals.


Because there is no Santa Barbara County public hospital, Cottage Health System also provides the great majority of acute care to our region’s financially vulnerable population, for which reimbursement does not cover our costs. These programs go beyond the legal requirements for providing emergency care and include our growing commitment to provide medically necessary but non-emergent services to patients who can’t afford to pay for the hospital care they need. This community service Program last year provided free or reduced-cost care to 1,954 patients.


We thank not only the volunteer physicians who review these cases but also those who provide their services to these patients at no or reduced charges. Moreover, physicians in our graduate medical education program help staff the ambulatory care facility at the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, providing a valuable service to some of the more vulnerable members of our community.



Cottage By The Numbers — 2013

- Patients admitted 19,993
    • Medicare (including HMOs for seniors)      43%
    • HMO/PPO 35%
    • Medi-Cal 17%
    • Charity and Self-Pay 5%
- Days of inpatient care 98,615
- Number of surgeries 14,348
- Babies delivered 2,287
- Emergency department visits 68,881
- Outpatient visits (e.g., lab, X ray) 116,322
- Employees (full-time equivalents) 2,859
- Volunteers 1,009
- Volunteer hours  132,000
- Medical staff physicians 703
- Physicians in residency programs 55



Financial Responsibility

Figures for January through December, 2012 (In millions)
- Revenue     $ 629
- Expenses    - 608
- Operating Margin = 21
- Net Investment Income + 32
- Total Available For Reinvestment $ 53


Net revenues of $53 million were reinvested in our hospitals for technology, equipment, construction and retrofitting, :
- New hospital construction and equipment  $ 38
- New clinical equipment and information systems 15


Cottage provides the majority of acute care to our region’s financially vulnerable population, and reimbursements do not cover the costs of this care.